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June 15 2017


one of my favorite things about kitchen nightmares are the waitresses who work at the restaurants that are super fucking chipper just waiting for their managers to get their asses dragged by gordon ramsey 









Get a metric ton of different dice

Get dice from different worlds. Get one from Yuggoth. Get one from Kadath. Get one from a place you can’t even pronounce.

Get cursed dice. Intentionally.

These are designed by independent artists and you can purchase them on Shapeways btw!  Get them 3D printed in whatever material you’d like.

Leaf Dice

Thorn Dice

Gear Dice

Also, there are so, so many cool dice on there

Step Dice


D4 Shell Dice


Nucleii Dice


Jack Dice






Alphabet based on english frequency

Modern Art D4


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Just some impressions from the making of Fury Road to remind you that they used as less CGI as possible. Thank you George ♥

George Miller the realest person you’re ever gonna meet.

are you fucking kidding me that was two straight hours of ACTUAL EXPLOSIONS 

The best part is that, from my understanding, there were quite a few scenes where George Miller said “No this is too dangerous we’ll do this in post” and the rest of the crew was like “NO LETS DO IT NOW WE CAN DO IT”

are you telling me this was fucking cirque du soleil in the desert with fucking explosions

Tom Hardy described it as slipknot meets cirque du soleil 

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Mom: “I dub thee…Cool Baby”

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Behold: the first written use of fuckfrom 1528, inscribed by a monk who seems to have been pretty pissed off with an abbot.


reblog this for good luck




Ahhh fuck it why not

not for me, for my college friends and sister today :(( haha

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*Southern Belle voice* Why I NEVA!

Seems to be missing… something… 

OH, ah yes! Here we go!

June 14 2017

Muslims Awake To Begin Their Ramadan Fast Were 'A Lifeline' In Grenfell Tower Blaze


clickbaitmullah: Muslims who were awake because they were beginning their Ramadan fast “saved people’s lives” when a deadly blaze broke out at a west London tower block, HuffPost UK has been told.

At least 50 people have been taken to five hospitals for treatment as hundreds of residents in the 27-storey, 120 flat, Grenfell Tower in north Kensington have been evacuated from their flats in the building that caught fire just after 1.15am.

A local woman told HuffPost UK: “Muslim boys saved people’s lives. They ran around knocking on people’s doors. Thank God for Ramadan”

Khalid Suleman Ahmed, 20, recently moved to Grenfell Tower with his auntie and lives on the eighth floor.

He said he would not normally have been up in the middle of the night but had stayed up during Ramadan for Suhur, the meal before Muslims begin fasting again during daylight hours.

However, upon realising there was a fire he immediately began banging on his neighbours’ doors to wake them.

He told HuffPost UK: “No fire alarms went off and there were no warning. I was playing PlayStation waiting to eat suhuur (beginning of fast meal) then smelt smoke. I got up and looked out of my window and saw the seventh floor smoking.

“I woke my auntie up, then got clothes on and started knocking on neighbours’ doors. Every house opened except two - I saw the other guy later on so only 1 family unaccounted for. My next door neighbour was fast asleep.

“The whole corridor went black with thick smoke. I didn’t think it was serious at all me and my auntie thought it was an isolated incident but we’d just evacuate just to be safe. When we went out and were taken by the firemen to a safer place then we saw that it still hadn’t reached our house - 20 minutes or so later our house was gone. The firefighters were very quick. They immediately started work.

“People were calm walking out but when they realised loved ones were missing or unaccounted then they started to panic. Once we were outside it started to spread more.

He added: “I would be up this late on a Friday night possibly but never a random midweek night unless it was Ramadan. There are a lot of Muslims living there and people choose up to stay up and wait so it was certainly a factor for me and others. It probably did save lives.”

A witness also told Sky News that Muslims who were awake had been a “lifeline”.

i can’t imagine how many lives he saved, how many families are intact and together, because of his actions.

And the Muslim community’s generosity has been unparalleled. The Al-Manaar Mosque (244 Acklam Road , London W10 5YG) is accepting donations, which it’s distributing directly to families evacuated from the building: clothes, toiletries, etc, as well as cooking free meals people evacuated from Grenfell. If you do have clothes, food, or any basic amenities you can spare, you can drop it off there, or:

  • Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, W11 4EY
  • St. Clement’s Church, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ
  • Tabernacle Christian Centre, 210 Latimer Road, W10 6QY

Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge


A researcher in Russia has made more than 48 million journal articles - almost every single peer-reviewed paper every published - freely available online. And she’s now refusing to shut the site down, despite a court injunction and a lawsuit from Elsevier, one of the world’s biggest publishers.

For those of you who aren’t already using it, the site in question is Sci-Hub, and it’s sort of like a Pirate Bay of the science world. It was established in 2011 by neuroscientist Alexandra Elbakyan, who was frustrated that she couldn’t afford to access the articles needed for her research, and it’s since gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of papers being downloaded daily. But at the end of last year, the site was ordered to be taken down by a New York district court - a ruling that Elbakyan has decided to fight, triggering a debate over who really owns science.

“Payment of $32 is just insane when you need to skim or read tens or hundreds of these papers to do research. I obtained these papers by pirating them,”Elbakyan told Torrent Freak last year. “Everyone should have access to knowledge regardless of their income or affiliation. And that’s absolutely legal.”

If it sounds like a modern day Robin Hood struggle, that’s because it kinda is. But in this story, it’s not just the poor who don’t have access to scientific papers - journal subscriptions have become so expensive that leading universities such as Harvard and Cornell have admitted they can no longer afford them. Researchers have also taken a stand - with 15,000 scientists vowing to boycott publisher Elsevier in part for its excessive paywall fees.

Continue Reading.

Do not allow him to consume you. If he does not call, go to sleep. If he does not message, put your phone away and have a fantastic day anyway. If he acts distant when you are with him and refuses to tell you what is wrong, don’t wait for him, go home and do something you love. If he tries to insinuate you do not need your friends now that you have him, spend more time with your friends. If he tries to teach you a lesson through the silent treatment, ignore him completely.
If he plays with your feelings constantly, walk away from him. If he acts like your body is his entitlement when you are not ready, walk away from him. If he says terrible, unforgivable things and threatens to leave you after every argument, walk away from him. If he forbids you from doing anything you love, walk away from him. If he claims ownership of your accomplishments, walk away from him. If he demeans you or disrespects your being a girl and refuses to stop when you tell him it hurts, walk away from him.

I cannot stress this enough, you live for yourself first. He is a secondary character in the story of your life. Do not allow him to turn you into a secondary character in your own book

Nikita Gill, Advice for Teenage Girls Finding Their Way Through Love
(via thelovejournals)
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Map of pronunciation of the word pecan in the U.S.

Y’all from those green states. Unacceptable. No pie for you.

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This meme transcends language

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sometimes Cracked is so weirdly on point

It took me a second to get it because at first glance I thought Mywifejen was one of those Welsh names

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This is a kind of neo-liberalism of the emotions, in which happiness is seen not as a response to our circumstances but as a result of our own individual mental effort, a reward for the deserving. The problem is not your sky-high rent or meager paycheck, your cheating spouse or unfair boss or teetering pile of dirty dishes. The problem is you.

It is, of course, easier and cheaper to blame the individual for thinking the wrong thoughts than it is to tackle the thorny causes of his unhappiness. So we give inner-city schoolchildren mindfulness classes rather than engage with education inequality, and instruct exhausted office workers in mindful breathing rather than giving them paid vacation or better health care benefits.
Actually, Let’s Not Be in the Moment - The New York Times (via brutereason)






the worst memories of being bullied is when ppl would pretend not to be bullying you and ask you questions and u thought they were just asking u stuff but they were actually laughing at you the entire time and u had no idea bcos you were young and you didnt understand why people would be mean to you when you didnt do anything wrong. 

I spent a lot of my childhood in a constant state of “this is a trap but I don’t know how”

This stayed with me. Sometimes when people are nice to me, I still think they have bad intentions.

Try also the “I know you’re laughing at me and I don’t want to answer these simple apparently friendly questions but I was taught to be endlessly friendly and helpful and to be nice to people who are being nice to me and since I can’t prove that these people are being mean I have to answer” like how the fuck am I gonna tell on them? “Missss they’re ASKING ME QUESTIONS!!! they’re bullying me!!”??? That’ll get you far.


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#the starter pack for ‘how to deal with villain apologists


“I’m having a very terrible childhood right now” was such a line.

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