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May 24 2017

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made my biggest, brightest and most floral fuck ever. 

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Stop searching forever… (Source: http://ift.tt/2qnttFO)

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*a generally normal object*


*a generally normal object but very, very small*

humans:  :O!!!!!!!!

This is an alien meme.





Okay, some fandom history, why show writers and authors say “for legal reasons” the can’t read fan fic.

Back in ancient times in the 1970s there was a show called Star Trek the Animated Series.  It was on the air as fandom culture around Star Trek was really taking route and there were many fanzines (things on actual paper that people bought) being published and the first conventions to attend.

David Gerrold was a writer for Star Trek the Animated Series who had also written one of the most famous episodes of the original series The Trouble with Tribbles.  While he was around the production office for STtAS he was introduced to a couple of fans who proceeded to tell him all about their ideas for an episode–essentially a sequel to his famous episode–which it so happens he had already written a script for.  When that episode aired he received a letter from one of those fans lawyers demanding “credit”.  It so happened that he could prove that the episode existed before the meeting but the involvement of lawyers and a threat to sue became widely known.

Marion Zimmer Bradly was, before recent horrifying revelations decades after her death, a titan of fantasy writing.  She also welcome fan fiction and published it in anthologies and in a magazine she published.  One day she opened a story sent to her and the plot of the story was essentially the plot of a a novel she had nearly finished writing.  More than a years worth of her work was now unpublishable because it was provable that she had read this story with this similar plot and she couldn’t prove the work on the novel existed before she saw the story.  She stopped publishing anthologies and fan fiction and in particular the MZB story is the one a lot of professional writers know as representative of the dangers of fan fiction.

So when a writer says they can’t read fan fiction for legal reasons it’s that their own lawyers are protecting them from outside lawsuits.

And this is why knowing your fandom history matters.


And writers don’t want to be influenced by your fan-fic either. We don’t want to end up inadvertently stealing your ideas because we read them three years ago and forgot we did.

So, just don’t show fan fiction or sequential fan art to writers. Actors also often have contracts that prevent them from reading it so they aren’t influenced.

If some people are wondering why I rarely read extended/worldbuilding fanfic set in the Ash universe, even if you send them to me (i.e., I usually say sorry but I can’t read this), this is why :) 

Even if it won’t come down to legalities I don’t want to accidentally use someone else’s idea and create conflict over it.

Boy howdy, does knowing your history matter. And the reason is that THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED WITH MZB!

It’s certainly what plenty of authors thought happened or claimed happened for years and years, but it has been debunked. Authors who hate fic still regularly trot it out though.

We may never know exactly what really happened, but we have accounts both from the fan in question and from very pro-MZB people that agree: the fan never tried to sue.

MZB had a massive stroke and thereafter “wrote” a number of books with “cowriters”. This was some V.C. Andrews level “Totes wrote it! Plz give $$$” nonsense. From much later accounts, MZB was in no state to write, and some of those books were later quietly changed to give complete credit to the “cowriter”.

MZB had possibly planned to eventually expand on some bit of her canon. She liked a particular fanfic that expanded on the same bit of canon. She tried to buy the rights to this fan’s writing, but the fan didn’t like the deal she was offered, fearing that it was a payoff in exchange for using her work wholesale and giving her zero credit. (Seems like a reasonable fear to me, given what was going on with MZB’s writing at that point!) They had a falling out over money and contract negotiations, just like eleventy-billion other creative professionals have.

However, to keep the MZB brand and money machine going, it was important to shit all over everyone in the vicinity.  All that “A yeeeeear of my woooorrrrk!” bullshit was to explain why MZB wasn’t writing much, since the real reason–that she couldn’t write–was something they were keen to keep under wraps. In fact, according to the fan involved, the only time anyone actually threatened to sue was when MZB’s lawyers threatened her should she reveal MZB’s situation.


MZB’s cronies fucked us fanfic writers for decades over a total urban legend. 

(And, yes, I’m sure this got debunked five trillion times already, but it’s Tumblr, so I can’t expand all the notes and see.)

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i know i’ve made a post exactly like this before but that trope of a vampire or faerie or anything “other” watching a human from afar and “choosing” them is STILL so wild and uncomfortable to me bc if you watch someone from afar like that you’re gonna form such a romantic image of them in your head that’s actually barely what they’re like 90% of the time but now what the hell are you gonna do you just turned them into a vampire/brought them over to the faerie realm for eternity you’re STUCK with them and THEY’RE stuck with your impulsive naive romantic ass like

if a vampire watched me from afar they’re gonna catch me smelling wild flowers, talking to crows, and walking barefoot through creeks but they never see me inside and now they’re stuck, listening to me complain about the Naruto epilogue again. Again. They’re so tired. “Molly Anne,” they say. “Molly Anne please. It’s been two-hundred years.” I keep going. The betrayal still feels fresh.

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there’s a future version of me who’s proud I was strong enough

This is the thing I needed to hear today. Thank you.

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ayn rand failing to understand that sesame street is for young children

god this is missing the best part
I think Ms. Rand and my character Oscar the Grouch would have a lot to talk about actually. I am laughing out loud at this idea.

Why would I want to talk to him. What has he achieved or trying to achieve.

He has achieved what I think is the ultimate goal of your way of thinking.



“unavailable to stream but it's on Netflix DVD”


I don’t pay you to advertise your DVD service

I don’t own a DVD player, game console, or even a DVD drive in my computer

The reason I give you hapless gelded monkeys money is to have a legitimate means of watching the shit I want to watch

If you can’t do that, get fucked



people that can swim underwater in chlorine pools with their eyes open are not to be trusted

This is true. I once did this to cheat at a pool game, and a kid in goggles saw me do it. He wanted to know how, so I told him I was part mermaid. He wanted to call bullshit, but I was like, look kid, I can prove it, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone under 18. He said what about his mom, I said, sure, but she won’t believe you, so it didn’t matter if he ratted on me to an adult. He was skeptical but agreed. For the next ten minutes I executed any number of water related feats- I’ve been swimming since I was 3 and was on the swimming and diving team in high school. I crossed the entire span of the pool underwater without taking a breath. I sat on the bottom of the pool for a minute. I lifted him over my head while only treading water. I floated face down without moving for a convincing stretch of time. I did a pretty choice inward pike off the diving board. This was what really convinced him. He’d seen a dolphin show once, apparently, and thought it was pretty comparable. 

So yeah. This kid was straight up convinced I was a mermaid and was losing his shit and trying to figure out how to get around his promise. He went over to the hottub to tell all the parents and they all like, smiled and laughed and nodded. He could tell they didn’t believe him. He came back and was like…. “You were right about adults.” “Yeah kid, I know.” “Well but, you’re the most important discovery I’ve ever made! I gotta tell someone!” “Well. You need to establish some credibility first,” I told him. “You have to prove to people that you’re a serious scientific thinker, and then when you say stuff like this, they might believe you.” He thought about this for a second. “But what if you just showed them?” and I said it was against half mermaid rules to show adults anything that could make them suspicious. He took this seriously. He spent the rest of his time in the pool following me around. I taught him how to hold his breath underwater without plugging his nose and how to do a backstroke. 

I’m still proud of this, and regret nothing. 

May 23 2017





people shouldn’t have to pimp themselves off to the military to afford college wtf

They don’t…lol

actually almost every teacher i’ve ever had has suggested joining the military because they’ll pay for college and almost half of my class is either doing it or considering it but i hope that rock you live under has air conditioning

Hi @dishwasher-in-a-suit, I grew up in a small, poverty-stricken, rural, mostly white town. Things have improved in my hometown a lot over my lifetime, but even today the poverty rate is 30%. There was no upward mobility; our high school had multiple leaks in the ceiling, we definitely didn’t have any preparation for the SATs or scholarships or anything of that nature.

There were 140 kids in my graduating class; of that number, 5 went on to universities. 25 joined the military, myself included. It was the only way that a lot of us could get out of town, and it was definitely the only way that most of us could pay for college. 44% of America’s military recruits are from rural America, and two-thirds of them came from households with incomes below the national median.

This is the reality of America today: poor urban people (usually non-white) go to prison and poor rural people (usually white) go into the military.

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no offense but why are men not self aware at all 

We are. We just don’t care about or respect most women. But we’re aware of that, trust me.

wow its great to know that men are consciously aware that they hate women 

We don’t hate them. We’re just apathetic towards your feelings. Hatred takes too much energy for people that don’t (and won’t) matter.


This is men


just say you’re a selfish asshole and go

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lisa simpson comes out to her parents with a 40-slide powerpoint presentation & a heartfelt, loving conversation which ends with them all crying and hugging. bart just rolls up with his boyfriend one day like “sup this is tyler. he’s terrible.” and then makes out with him in his treehouse for 4 solid hours

What about Maggie

maggie has three girlfriends and two boyfriends and they’re all in her band

Play fullscreen




how to check if a d20 is cursed, thought you might like it :D

Oh, this is interesting. I might have to try this out. But I never would have thought about this.

it actually works. i ended up doing it with all my old dice and about 2/3s of them landed on low numbers

public service announcement to the rpg world (again)

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